Which Technologies can help in Phone Tracker?


There are many different technologies that can be used Network Based, SIM Based, WI-FI Based, Handset-Based and Hybrid based.

Network Based:

Service provider of acellphone can be used for the phone tracking. This will identify the location of the phone using the basic infrastructure of Service provider’s networking. The efficiency of this tracking process is that it can be implemented without damaging the phone. These techniques were developed before the GPS. Some reputed people say that GPS idea was drafted from such technologies.  As techniques are old information on such technologies are hard to establish now. These techniques are not that much affecting and accuracy can go up and down. These are least accurate in ranking as they are based on triangulation. Technologies’ based on the trilateration are most accurate one and top giants of the world use such technologies in their business.The accuracy of network-based technique can be increased by increasing the signal power and increasing the number of cell towers. That means more signal can be sending and received there won’t be any connection or signal delay. The network-based is the real time based on the method. The only problem that affects the person using the network-based tracking technique that department hast to work closely with the service provider. Different hardware and software related issues can popup any time regarding the tracking. A complete knowledge about thelegislative framework is also required.

Which Technologies can help in Phone Tracker


SIM stands for subscriber identity module. This technique is used on raw data that can be obtained by measuring the radio signals from the cellphone. SIM will identify the radio signal that is originated from the lost phone itself. The measurements that are included in this are Emei number of the cellphone. The time it takes to round up the information and signal strength. As signal strength matters the most. SIM are based on the signal strength better signal strength means better the network. Handset and SIM measurement carry a large difference. Handset measurement is mostly raw. While SIM based measurements are raw too but they are highly accurate raw facts.


Wi-Fi based tracker doesn’t act as a tracker actually. It only identifies the phone from lots of different phones. A high-speed Wi-Fi is required to do this kind of scanning. As GPS is not up to the mark Wi-Fi is more famous than GPS. This is motivating the companies to design the new technique that can carry a different kind of Phone tracker options. As Phone carry most of the personal and secret data of the person. Wi-Fi is more advanced in indoor tracking. Outdoor tracking means mass searching which can be done but can take time. Different companies are trying to work GNNS, GPS, and Wi-Fi together to achieve the better results about the work.

A Personal phone should be used carefully. Different kind of app-based software should be installed on the phone in case of losing phone it can be easily searched.

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