What can cause Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile Dysfunction:

Commonly known as ED, erectile dysfunction is becoming quite a widely spread problem these days. It is the inability of the male sexual organs to perform normally. This inability or abnormality leads to problems in getting the penis in erection and holding on to the erection by the man. In older ages this may not be something very uncommon or abnormal, but for younger people, it can be a serious issue.

What can cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Do not be embarrassed:

Due to the societal pressures and feelings of embarrassment, men find it hard to communicate about their sexual issues with others. It is regarded as a failure to perform as a man and most of the time can negatively impact the person’s life. 9*But what most people fail to understand that apart from the emotional issues, the erectile dysfunction may be signaling the appearance or emergence of a bigger health disorder. Some common factors that could be triggering this problem may include clogging of the blood streams, nerve disorders, diabetes and heart disease risks.

You should be embarrassed about this problem and consult a doctor as soon you identify the symptoms. Several new and traditional treatments are available for erectile dysfunction. Taking a simple tablet or medication can make you super fit. Sometimes exercising, weight loss and discontinuing addictions like smoking can relieve you of this problem. You can get further information from www.sildenafilcitrate.org.

Some common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

The male sexual system is quite complicated and complex. It requires the coordinated functioning of different parts of the body to work at its optimum. The different parts of the human body that take part in sexual activity of a man, include brain, hormonal secretions, the nerves, muscular tissues and blood vessels.

Some common underlying reasons and causes for erectile dysfunction in males include the following:

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • Suffering from Cardiac disorders and diseases
  • Clogging of the blood vessels also called atherosclerosis
  • Having cholesterol levels higher than normal
  • Having persistently high blood pressure
  • Diabetes can effect male erection failures
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Suffering from something called the Metabolic syndrome. A person having this health disorder has high blood pressure and sugar level. He is fat around the belly and has excess fats on his body.
  • Parkinson’s disease is a common cause of erectile dysfunction
  • Health disorders like the multiple sclerosis can result in the proper functioning of the male sexual organs.
  • Ed can also be resulting as a side effect of some drugs or medication that you are taking.
  • Regularly smoking or chewing tobacco products
  • Addictive drugs and alcohol can be a cause of ED
  • Being too tired or having sleep problem
  • When you suffer from prostate dysfunction
  • Different types of physical operations and surgical procedures that may lead to inability to erect your sexual organ.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction:

There could also be some psychological reasons for this problem:

  • Suffering from prolonged depression
  • Feeling stressful and anxious
  • Being mentally upset or disturbed due to some event
  • Relationship problems.

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