Reasons to choose Campus Hong?


One of the best aspects of living in a share flat in Hong Kong, is being able to explore the city. Hong Kong is one of the best cities in the world to live in, and its vibrancy is second to none.

Thanks to Campus Hong Kong’s brilliant location in Tsuen Wan, you will have public transportation right at your doorstep. Housing in Hong Kong doesn’t always have the pleasure of a metro station of bus stops just outside its front door. However, your share flat at Campus HK does and it will have you exploring the city whenever you want.

Reasons to choose Campus Hong

Why choose Campus Hong?

Campus Hong Kong doesn’t restrict your way of living. Nor will it place restrictions on your lifestyle, the way that Hong Kong university housing may.

Sharing university housing will prevent you from visiting the many historical sites in Tsuen Wan. Meanwhile, Hong Kong university housing doesn’t provide the same great links to the city’s public transportation. It can prevent you from experiencing Hong Kong like you want.

Part of the university experience is getting out and meeting new people. It is also a time to create new memories and experiences. Having your student housing in Hong Kong provided by Campus HK is the best way to do all of those important things.


Tsuen Wan is a short distance from Central, Hong Kong. Whether you are headed out for a late night of partying or just a casual dinner with friends, Campus Hong Kong’s location is perfect for students wanting nightlife.

The transportation links in the area are brilliant for transporting you to great nightlife areas. Living in Hong Kong university housing may not be able to give you the ease and efficiency that a share flat at Campus HK can deliver.

An experience like no other

Thanks to Campus Hong Kong’s unique set-up and layout, you will have an experience like no other. Few share flats in Hong Kong can give you the quality and amenities of the building.

Not only can you live in a spacious, modern share flat, but also you have a variety of great benefits for living at Campus HK. During summer months, you will find the 25-metre swimming pool is the perfect place to relax after a hard day of studying. Soaking up the Hong Kong sun has never been so good.

After a dip in the pool or just to blow off steam after a difficult day of class, you can head to the fitness room. There you will be able to stay fit in your spare time.

Campus Hong Kong also provides you with a great restaurant, something Hong Kong university housing doesn’t have. Anchor’s Seafood and Beer House is not only a great place to eat, but also a great place to socialise with new friends.

For perfect housing in Hong Kong, there is no better choice than living at Campus Hong Kong. Start your university life off right and choose housing in Hong Kong that offers the best for your money.

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