Basic Tips For Caring For Goats


Caring for your goats involves more than just basic safety and making sure that they are healthy. Whether you are keeping goats as pets, or are intending to make money from their milk or meat., the following tips can help you to make the most of keeping goats.

Goats make slightly unusual pets, and certainly make a change from the more obvious cat or dog, and many people also keep goats to keep their back yard grass short and tidy.

Goats are commonly kept for their milk and other dairy products in many developing countries.

One of the most important things when raising goats is to make sure that their shelter is safe and adequate. An efficient and well built shelter can prevent your goats from becoming too hot during the summer, and from being too wet during rainy weather. A properly constructed shelter also means that the bedding for your goats will remain dry.

Basic Tips For Caring For Goats

A lone goat can quickly become lonely and miserable, and it is important to remember that goats are pack animals and are naturally sociable. For this reason, if you are keeping goats you should keep at least two of them.

Another important thing to remember when raising goats is to make sure that your goats are securely fenced in. This can help to ensure that wild animals can’t get into their enclosure to prey on them, and it will also help to keep your goats disease free. A secure fence around the enclosure will also keep your goats securely confined, preventing them from wandering off.

Goats need certain minerals and vitamins to remain in excellent health, and you should ensure they have access to vitamin supplements. Daily access to good quality feeding grain and hay is also important.

Dirty or moldy hay is unappetizing to goats, and you may find that they ignore hay that has become moldy and nasty. For this reason, make sure that your hay doesn’t sit on the ground for too long.

When feeding your goats, you can help to minimize the chances of your goats developing a ground-borne disease or parasites, by always keeping stacked hay ready to eat, and clean. This can also reduce the amount of food wastage.

Goats enjoy variety when eating, just like we do, and you can provide that by freshly cut green hay and occasionally giving them new feed or pasture. Your goats are also more likely to stay healthy and not become bloated, if you provide a balanced diet.

Consider developing a good relationship with your local vet, as your goats will need to have regular vaccinations, despite the fact that they are generally hardy creatures. If your goats develop a disease, it can potentially cost thousands of dollars diagnosing and treating it. Despite the fact that going to the vet can also be expensive, it is much better to spend a fraction of the cost of treatment on preventative visits to your vet.

Although basic health maintenance and safety are important or anyone who raises goats, the above tips will demonstrate that there is a lot more to it than that. Looking after your goats will benefit you as well as ensure that your goats have a long, safe and healthy life.

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